3 things you probably didn’t know about umbrellas

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A device for many people’s homes and a device that must be thought of during the rainy season. And everyone must be familiar with each other very well. like a device called an umbrella If talking about this, no one would know. And certainly, never used before. Has anyone ever wondered where the umbrella came from? Who invented it? Today we’re going to tell you about umbrellas that you probably didn’t know about. I can assure you that it must be an amazing story for many people. Because we have searched for secret information that has never been revealed before for everyone to know before anyone else. Let’s go see what’s going on.

1. What is the word umbrella?

The word umbrella is derived from the Latin word umbel, meaning bouquet with the same length of stalks. This meaning is similar to the current umbrella. The other meaning is Umbra, which means shade, and uses the French suffix -Elle, meaning small. If we combine all three, we get the word umbrella. that What a small shade Many of you can imagine the following?

2. Who invented the umbrella?

From legends, it is written that we are an invention that has been invented 4,000 years ago, as a result of ancient evidence in the art of Greece, Egypt, and China, but there is no conclusive evidence. Who was the first nation to invent an umbrella? But there is one interesting recorded story: China invented and invented an umbrella that can prevent rain by applying wax on the umbrella for the first time. But in fact, umbrellas were invented to be used mainly for sun protection. If you look at it, the country that is most suitable for this statement may not be China, but a nation that lives in the tropics. However, this cannot be concluded based on insufficient evidence.

3. Where was the first umbrella sold?

The first umbrella sale took place in aของชำร่วย store. Located in Oxford Street in central London, England, the shop was named James Smith and Sons in 1830. Umbrellas in that era were the earliest European umbrellas made of wood and whale bones. The umbrella cloth is made of coated canvas. The umbrella frame is made of wood.

At present, umbrellas are still life supplies for people all over the world I have to say that they are used in every household. Because in addition to cheap umbrellas, there are also many designs to choose from. The only umbrella that we can see in the streets The small folding umbrella can be folded up comfortably. They are mostly used by office workers and young women. The inverted umbrella is a rare umbrella, often used by people who use their cars. Because this type of umbrella was produced to meet the group of car users who travel regularly.

Umbrellas aren’t just for rain protection. but can also protect from the sun, heat, and wind very well It’s like a miracle worth finding. It is not certain that in the future there may be innovations that we may not have to hold, but can prevent rain and sun. without an umbrella cloth, but can prevent rain by the wind that rotates around the umbrella axis, so the user will not get wet in the rain You see, today many innovative umbrellas have been developed and, in the future, we will probably see some weird umbrellas that can be used. And it’s not certain that we would be using it.