4 Tips to Storing Inflatable Kayaks

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When you are preparing to put your new kayak away after a day on the water, be aware of essential tips to store canoes or inflatable kayaks. Maintaining and storing your kayak properly is crucial if you plan on using your kayak throughout the seasons, therefore, you must get into an habit of paying careful on the condition of the inflatable boat as well as the way you store it each time you’re done with it best kayak for dogs.

Make sure your Kayak is Clean

It’s likely that you wouldn’t throw away your coffee mug down after drinking it for a whole day, without cleaning it. Neither should you neglect cleaning your inflatable canoe or kayak prior to storing it. Make sure you pay particular attention to flushing sand and grit off of the tracks, foot braces, as well as out of the skeg box. You might be amazed at what you might discover in the water which could cause damage when the kayak is folded and stored away without removing them.

Storing Inflated

If you have room to keep your inflatable kayak in storage without having to deflate it, that’s the ideal choice in the event of put it away until the next season and won’t use it for the next couple of months. Inflated kayaks should be kept in a cool, dry place. It is vital! Kayaks that are stored outside and exposed to the elements can become more useful and visually pleasing. Sunlight can alter the appearance of your inflatable kayak, and, eventually, it will cause it to warp.

In the event of storing it inflated kayaks or canoes, they should not be placed in any other position than the way it’s intended to be within the waters. If you place it on its side, it could cause warping just as quickly as laying it on its side in the sun. Be sure to not put anything over it as the weight of the entire thing could cause damage.

Folded Storage

One of the biggest advantages of inflatable kayaks is it is possible to fold them and put away in the bag they originally were brought in. If you’ve ever had the experience of rolling up a tent before putting it back into its original bag using the poles, then you’re aware that it isn’t easy. But so long as your kayak is prepared for storage, you’ll be able to do it without difficulty.

The first step in making sure that it’s in good shape to fold is to ensure that it’s completely dry, both inside and out. Even if you believe it’s dry, if take an unclean towel and walk through the crevices and tracks, you’ll likely see water. If folded this way your kayak is likely to be infested by mildew and mold when you next utilize it, even if it hasn’t been destroyed in the meantime. Make sure you fold it tightly and put it away in dry bag.


If you’re putting your kayak inflated or deflated, think carefully to the storage area. If you put it in your garage which is home to a few rodents likely, your kayak is going to be damaged. Also, it should be kept out of the reach of pets and cats too!