6 Surefire Ways to Make Huge Profits in Painting and Decorating Working as a House Painter

In the painting and decorating profession, there are six certain techniques to make 2-3 times as much each hour. Each of these methods has the potential to earn you $30-$70 per hour or more.

  1. Spray Painting – Consider renting or purchasing an airless Painter Of The Night if you do a lot of decks, exterior painting, commercial tasks, or would like to enter into new construction painting and want to turn your work faster to make more per hour.

Because these sprayers are airless, there isn’t much overspray to be concerned about. Even painting indoors is safer because you don’t get a room full of spray fumes with an airless sprayer.

If you acquire jobs that work well with a spray system, you can bid the job as usual, but complete it in “days” rather of “weeks,” “hours” rather than “days,” and so on.

Of course, you can’t spray in people’s homes. However, if you’re doing a huge commercial re-paint with a lot of interior wall space, a power roller attachment could help you get better results faster. You’ll need to mask off certain surfaces and cover a few plants before spray painting the exterior, but once that’s done, you can go with the flow.

  1. Hire Help – Hiring employees and subcontractors can be beneficial to your business. Because you leverage the power of others to multiply your hours of service worked, it’s termed “leveraging your time.”

There are a lot of good Painter Of The Night out there who are just looking for work. They (your workers or subs) do the painting while you do the estimates and schedule the job, and you get a cut of the profit per painter.

You may make an extra $10 per hour or more with each painter. The cost of ten painters multiplied by $10 equals $100 each hour. This might add up to an extra $700 or $800 each day for you alone. Simply increase that by the number of painters you have on staff, and you’ll feel compelled to keep doing estimates.

  1. Drywall Repair – You may make a lot of money repairing drywall and plaster that has been damaged by leaks, vandalism, house sinking, and other factors. There are also texturing jobs available for ceilings and walls.

Isn’t it true that everyone “thinks” they can paint? When it comes to minor drywall or plaster repairs, though, kids always go home to Mommy. Even if they try to do it themselves, it never turns out well since they don’t understand the basic principles of drywall repair.

Doing drywall and plaster repairs has always provided me with a steady income of $30 to $70 per hour. I might take out and patch in new material for a couple of hours one day, then finish the job for 3 or 4 hours the next day. I’ll be able to walk away with $350 for a total of seven hours of work and very little money spent on materials.

As a result, it’s always pure profit minus perhaps $15 or $20 in materials costs. Once you’ve learned a few tips of the trade, repairing drywall and plaster is a breeze.

  1. Faux Painting – For starters, there are four common faux painting designs or finishes that you can learn quickly and use to make a lot of money. You’ll be designing fresh and interesting patterns in no time. Get proficient at this trade and you can make a lot of money because most people don’t know how to do it, and those who do frequently fail.

Faux painting jobs are available in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, dining and living rooms, accent walls, and other areas. Customers come in all pricing ranges. Beautiful faux painting can be found in even multi-million dollar homes.

  1. Star Mural Painting – This sort of painting will turn you become a “illusionist.” You’ll be able to make it appear as though the room has vanished before their eyes and they’re looking up into the night sky as you get better at producing night sky or outer space themes on ceilings and walls. Your mysterious painting art will quickly make you famous and sought after.

When you encounter one of these paintings for the first time, it is simply breathtaking. In the dark, colours come to life. Bedrooms, game rooms, hotels, motels, and virtually anything with a ceiling or walls are all possible.

  1. Traditional mural painting is another technique to make a lot of money in the painting business. People have enormous walls, ceilings, and large canvasses on their walls, among other things.

Sign painters and muralists both conduct similar work on the sides of buildings. Because you “graph” out the wall after initially planning the artwork on graph paper, this form of painting can be simple. Again, everyone “thinks” they know how to paint, but if you master any or all of the specialty painting skills listed above, the crowd will run home to mommy!