Addicted to Real Estate – Why I Can’t Stop and Why You Should Start

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The Real Estate Commission with its main office in Atlanta has laid down specific qualifications that it requires in various categories. And with real estate being an excellent career option, aspirants can make use of avenues available for equipping themselves with required qualifications. There are several training institutes that provide the necessary accredited classroom hours and also train applicants for the exams that they have to sit for.

Several schools are approved for conducting continuing education courses. Some schools are given approval for conducting prelicensure courses, some are approved for post-licensing. All active licensees have to complete a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education requirements every four years. The schools are located throughout the state to provide easy access. These schools aim at providing quality education that imparts knowledge and soft skills like self-motivation, enthusiasm, ambition, competition, strong people skills, organizational skills, and ability to multi-task to its students.

One of the first courses to be taken is the Sales  Relicense Course. The course contents include classes on real estate principles and practice. This course is taken by those who are new to real estate. Once through with the salesperson or broker relicense course, a course commonly referred to as a “cram” course will be of immense help in preparation for the school or state exams. This course will take you through a series of lectures and practice tests to hone your skills. The hours spent for this course are not recognized as educational credits but are of immense practical value.

It is a specific requirement of the Georgia Real Estate Commission for every salesperson to successfully complete a 25-hour Post license course. Another main stipulation is that this course should be taken within one year of issuance of an original salesperson license. While choosing the institute to study with, care should be taken to see that the courses offered are approved by the GREC and are recognized as educational credit.

A salesperson actively licensed for at least three years is eligible to take the Broker course. Taking this course entitles one to take the next exam and upgrade one’s license. Completion of a 60-hour course is essential to sit for the state Real Estate Broker examination.

Prices of Atlanta real estate vary considerably. Atlanta has recorded one of Southeast’s highest office sale prices recently, when an investment management company paid $168 million for an office building. The standing record in Atlanta is $343 a square foot for a building.

The first step in buying a home or other property in Atlanta is to go through the current listings of properties available in the Atlanta real estate market. A proper study of the current real estate trends in Atlanta is essential for making wise decisions. Atlanta magazines, newspapers, and websites help you make this preliminary study. It is a good idea to browse the advertisements in Atlanta newspapers and journals. You can also approach an agent who can give you proper guidance in purchasing Atlanta real estate. Atlanta has lots of reliable real estate brokers and agents.

Before you buy a property, find out how much money you can invest, keeping all your income and debt in mind. Get a copy of your credit report from the bank. Availability of cash for a down payment, the type of mortgage you select, and the current interest rates are important factors you should consider. You must be prepared for other charges including the closing costs that include attorney’s fee, taxes, and other transfer fees.

Make sure to tailor your need needs and comforts to go with your finances. Also, see that the property you intend to buy, whether a new or an existing property, has all the features you need. Look for a location with nearby schools, recreational facilities, and safety facilities.