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The hair that grows on a person’s face is known as his beard. When he lets it grow long, he is said to have a beard. Beards and mustaches are out of favor in the United States.

The hair that grows on a person’s face is known as his beard. When he we could it grow lengthy,Guest Posting he’s stated to have a beard. Hair that grows on the top lip is known as a mustache. Beards and mustaches are out of fashion within the United States, wherein maximum guys shave their faces clean, but a amazing many American guys wore beards and mustaches until approximately fifty years ago. Abraham Lincoln wore a beard, and two of the most well-known generals who commanded the Southern armies all through the American Civil War, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, both wore beards, as did many different generals.

General A. E Burnside, one of the Minoxidil para barba ¿Funciona? commanders of the Northern armies for the duration of this war, used to put on “facet-whiskers,” or hair that grew down each aspects of the face, even as he shaved his chin. After the warfare many American guys used to put on this form of beard, which they known as “burnsides.” A brief, pointed beard on the chin, known as the “vandyke,” remains popular in France, wherein beards are plenty extra not unusual than in America. This beard is called after Anthony Vandyke, the incredible painter of Holland, who often painted men with brief, pointed beards.

Napoleon III, who became emperor of France about 100 years ago, used to put on a pointed tuft of hair on his chin and a stiff, immediately mustache with waxed points. This pointed tuft of hair on the chin came to be called an “imperial,” and continues to be popular with a few European guys. Paintings of Jesus regularly show him with a quick beard. The man who wears a beard is generally happy with it. To pull a man’s beard is usually a deadly insult. In the Bible there is a story of the way David, king of Jerusalem, sent friendly messages to Hanun, king of the Ammonites, a near-by using tribe. Hanun shaved off half the beards of David’s messengers and despatched them again to their king in shame. With their beards half of shaven off the men were too ashamed to return to the king, so David allowed them to stay in an area known as Jericho until their beards grew back. For this insult to his messengers and to himself, David made warfare on the Ammonites and destroyed them.