Amazon Brand Protection: Protect the Brand You Built

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That’s why companies do extensive research before launching a new product. From there, every aspect of its content, design, and marketing is tailored to the brand identity that they want to create for that market. The marketing team of a company is primarily focused on the outside interactions. This includes communications, event presence, public perception, and public relations. Though these aspects may play a part in crafting the brand, brand management is more internally-focused on strategically devising the course of action.

Stop Counterfeits Find and remove counterfeit products online, with sustained results to protect your revenue. Corsearch helps businesses across industries achieve extraordinary results. Whether you’re a midsize organization or a Fortune 500 enterprise, our Brand Protection solutions enable you to protect your IP and customers with confidence.

Trademarks versus patents and copyrights

To understand how a business might develop a reputation management strategy, I spoke with Ellie Flanagan, a HubSpot alum who specializes in corporate communications. That said, some businesses are so brand-centric that a rebrand can’t transform the reputation of the business. For example, Weight Watchers rebranded to WW in 2018 to shift the focus of the brand from dieting to health and wellness. Brand reputation management focuses on a single brand, while reputation management impacts the business as a whole. Reputation management is the act of managing public perceptions about a business or enterprise.

Stop Brand Abuse: How to Safeguard your Brand’s Online Identity

It also protects your customers from malicious business practices that may offend them or cause them to lose money. The reputation of your brand is only one part of how people perceive your business. We use advanced APIs and scrapers to find infringements, deploy AI and machine learning to prioritize your key threats, and offer robust in-platform enforcement tools so you can act fast. To enhance each of these stages and elevate brand protection impact, we offer cutting-edge reporting and analytics. Blocked or removed listings were found by our proactive controls, before a brand had to find and report it. These listings were suspected of being fraudulent, infringing, counterfeit, or at risk of other forms of abuse. Hardenize provides a managed service that combines automated discovery of your internet assets with continuous network and security configuration monitoring.

This also prevents counterfeiting to some extent, as it’s illegal to copy a product’s authentic images and use them to promote your work. Typosquat domains used for phishing attacks are an infosec problem just as much as a brand protection problem. Brand protection enforcement of taking down a site is a much more definitive method of eliminating a phishing site than the traditional infosec approach of blocking access to the site for employees. Taking down the site protects not just the employees but also a company’s customers, partners, and supply chain. Its brands are among the most important and valuable assets that a company owns.

For example, say you respond to criticism harshly but offer positive comments with returned positivity. This approach could do more harm than good because it seems defensive and inauthentic. Here’s a guide on spotting and removing fake reviews from Google. Make sure all your owned channels show your current imagery, messaging, and values. “Your customers are your biggest asset and it’s critical to take those needs very seriously by responding in a timely manner and communicating effectively.” The great thing about this technology is that it can find partial and modified logos inside images. Your logo could be cropped, transformed, or slightly altered, and the system would be able to detect the lookalike.