An Electric Comb for Hair Uncurling Types and General Specialized Features

A lot of women have problems with curled hair that’s familiar to numerous women. Uncurling ringlets are occasionally also necessary for those who are satisfied with curled hair but would like to change their look temporarily. Soaps and conditioners don’t break the problem and don’t give hair smoothness and shine. To get the right shape and look, you need a hair uncurling encounter. It’s a accessible ultramodern and safe device for creating smooth, beautiful ringlets at home.

Main types of uncurling combs

  1. Ceramic comb. A straightening process is simple and fast with an electric comb. Its bristles are covered with pottery, lifting the hair at the roots, and gently affecting the hair.
  2. Combs with ionizer and without it. Skirmishes with the ionizer produce negatively charged ions on the tourmaline coating. They exclude ringlet and promote healthy hair.
  3. Combs with malleable heating and without it. Straighteners without regulation function heat up to 180-185 degrees, that’s optimal for utmost hair types. Numerous models have a liquid demitasse examiner for visual control of heating.
  4. Combs that are powered by batteries, or only from the circuit.
  5. Hairbrush-forceps. Generally, have a ceramic coating.
  6. A round electric hairbrush for uncurling hair. It’s suitable for recycling thick ringlets. Similar skirmishes generally have a essence or ceramic base.

General specialized features of uncurling combs

Utmost models of electric skirmishes have common specialized results for convenience and safety

  • The side row of comb teeth doesn’t toast up. That protects against becks when using the appliance.
  • The heating element is deposited in such a way that it doesn’t come into contact with the crown.
  • The comb is connected to the circuit; the electric current heats the comb’s teeth. Utmost bias have a function for conforming the heating temperature and control examiner.
  • The ceramic face of the comb is hotted unevenly and keeps the heat well. This allows you not to overdry the hair and don’t dehydrate it. It contributes to their recovery. Combs are defended against fire with an automatic arrestment system.

A encounter for hair straightening is easy and accessible to use. Just find a uncurling encounter that fits you stylish. It’s necessary to follow the rules of best straightening brush , and also you can be sure of getting the asked result without harming hair. The main rule- hair should be clean and dry. Else, they can be damaged.