Autogenic Training – A European Self-Relaxation Technique

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Autogenic Training – An European Self-Relaxation Technique. Whenever I mention Autogenes Training, people ask me, “What is it?”

Contrary to Germany, my country of birth, Americans have not heard of it.

Here’s a quick answer:

Autogenic Training (AT), is a relaxation technique. It is a technique for mental relaxation.

It is not like yoga, which, for instance, is purely physical. Attuition doesn’t require us to move our bodies, but rather we must quieten our minds. The body will follow the mind when it is quiet.

Six mental phrases are used to calm the mind.

These six mental phrases are:

o My legs and arms are heavy.

o My legs and arms are warm.

Calm and steady is my heartbeat.

o My breathing is regular and calm.

o My solarplexus is hot.

o My forehead is clear and cool.

Each phrase focuses on one effect. It is related to deep relaxation, such as warmth and heaviness in the limbs or deep breathing. AT causes physiological changes that occur naturally when your body is fully relaxed.

The ability to relax your body and mind (Greek Genos) is possible by working within yourself (Greek Autos). This is why it’s called “Autogenic.” Training means that you must be disciplined and dedicate a few minutes every day to AT practice.

This is the oldest Western method for helping people recover from their psycho-physiological symptoms. It is also a scientifically proven method of mental relaxation that allows you to feel instant relief from stress symptoms through deep relaxation.

Numerous scientific papers have been published in German, Japanese or Russian on the effectiveness of Autogenic Training for various psychological and physiological conditions. This makes it one of the most researched and well-documented methods of stress relief and relaxation.

It is a well-respected part of rehabilitation and is taught in European medical schools, particularly in Germany and Great Britain.

AT is so efficient, NASA, the American Space Agency, has used it.

If you practice it daily, it is quite easy to learn.

It takes just a few seconds to relax deep after learning it.

It can be used in any situation. Autogenic Training can be done in any setting, including at the doctor’s office.

It is easy to learn but it can be difficult to master. You will need to take a class or have an experienced teacher. However, it is difficult to learn in the US.

My website contains comprehensive information as well as a self-study course for Autogenic Training.