Bed Sheets Buying Guide

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Ever heard the cliché that life is too short for you to sleep on low thread-count sheets? Well, while this may not be a practicality in real life, the qualities of sheets that crown your bed are of utmost importance.

Apart from the fact that they conceal everything else underneath, bed sheets define how comfortable your sleep will be as they come into direct contact with your skin as you sleep. That’s why you should strive to ensure that only the best sheets grace your cozy bed. Keep these tips in mind the next time you go shopping for a set of bed sheets.

Thread count.

Basically, thread count is the number of vertical flanel sheets and horizontal threads in a square inch of the sheet’s fabric. It’s usually denoted on the package of the bed sheet with an integer followed by a tc. As is common, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet feels. Even then, sheets with a thread count in the range of 200 to 350 tend to last longer in comparison to those higher thread counts. They’re also comfortable on the skin. Likewise, sheets with a tc range of 180 to 200 are also durable though are less comfortable to sleep in.

Yarn and ply count.

In a fabric, yarn refers to its weight, thickness, and the coverage of the fabric. Ply, on the other hand, is the number of individual yarns used as a single strand of a bed sheet. The number of yarns determine how heavy the bed sheets are or otherwise. Be sure to go with a yarn count of the right density so that the sheet won’t be too heavy for sleeping comfort.

The material used.

The material used in making the sheet is perhaps the most important metric that you should get right when solving the slumber puzzle of the ideal bed sheet. The sheet that you go for should generally be comfortable to sleep on and should also be durable. In addition, the sheet material should be such that it allows air to circulate easily. While there are many sheet fabrics in the market, cotton and linen fabrics remain the kings as they generally last longer, are comfortable and they do not affect your breathing. Silk satin sheets also merit some mention as they trap warmth making them ideal for cold climates.

Color fastness.

You’d want to choose a bed sheet with a color that doesn’t come off every time you wash it. This is why you should ascertain that whichever sheet you opt to go for will not fade when you use bleaches or other cleaning products. A simple way to test if your favored sheet is color fast is rubbing it against a standard fabric such as crocking cloth.

Design of the bed sheets.

Bed sheets play a significant role in your overall bedroom theme and should therefore be chosen carefully. Settle for a set of sheet design that’s not only inviting but also complements well with your bedroom’s overall theme. This includes matching the color schemes, design and room texture.


Getting ready to go shopping for your next bed sheets? Be sure to take the measurements of your mattress before leaving. Mattresses vary in sizes and so do bed sheets. That’s why you should note down the necessary dimensions of your mattress. Specifically write down the distance from the head to the foot of the mattress, its breadth and depth.