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The Xbox 360 is deemed to be the best game console announced, giving props to its practicality. It possesses features that challenge ardent game players who persistently look forward to a stunning gaming experience. The Xbox 360 is the initial console that has succeeded in the feat of concurrently circulating in their three (3) most dominant markets. It is also the first game console that has introduced wireless controllers on the launch of the system.

In addition to the aforementioned 433 mhz remote control achievements, it is also the pioneer console that has been presented as the 7th generation of game consoles, contending against others such as Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3.

The Xbox 360 provides the opportunity for the gamer to connect to the Xbox Live Service and vie against others online, download games and access several other online accessories as it pertains to their game console. It also comes equipped with great video characteristics and remarkable processors along with other accessories that will enhance the gaming experience for all gamers.

The provision of wireless controlling is a great invention especially or those who had an aversion for the wires of the inventions. It is more comfortable to utilize the new wireless headset as there is liberal movement without inhibitions.

The Xbox 360’s wireless headset also facilitates upgraded voice chat as well as compatibility with not only this console but also the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. Both accompaniments can be used in conjunction so as to obtain premium experience during game play. You have the option to include up to four (4) wireless controllers with four (4) wireless headsets creating an exceptional gaming experience.

With the exclusion of the hassle of dealing with the wires, you will definitely have an improved gaming experience when using the Xbox Wireless Headset. It uses a 2.4 GHz radio technology which is congruent to the frequency used in the Xbox 360 wireless controller, whereby communications can range for up to 30 feet. There is top-quality audio when you are engaging in the Xbox Live Session. It is very fashionable and ergonomically designed and comfortably fits into the ear.

The Xbox 360 Wireless Headset go for up to eight (8) hours of constant gaming before there is need to have the battery charged. It is accompanied by an AC wall adapter which is used whenever there is need to the battery to be recharged.