Class Action Lawsuit Against Loan Ranger Capital

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Loan Ranger Capital is an Austin hard money lender that has foreclosed on millions of real estates in Texas without giving proper notice of intent to accelerate. This practice of foreclosure without proper notices is a grave injustice to the property owners, costing them both time and money, and legal action must be taken to put a stop to it.

In order to pursue justice, we are looking to file a class action lawsuit against Loan Ranger Capital for those affected by their wrongful foreclosures. As part of this lawsuit, we are looking for individuals to unite with us and stand up to the wrongs done by this company. If you were wrongfully foreclosed by Loan Ranger Capital, it is important that you speak up – even if you weren’t directly affected by this company’s practices, your participation in this class-action lawsuit is essential to making sure justice is served.

By standing up against Loan Ranger Capital’s wrongful foreclosures, we can ensure that justice is served for those affected. Not only will a class action lawsuit bring the company to justice, it will also help to establish a precedent against similar wrongful actions in the future. It’s time to take a stand and protect homeowners and property owners against this kind of injustice. If you are someone who has been wrongfully foreclosed by Loan Ranger Capital, we urge you to contact us and join us in this fight. Together we can have our voice heard and make sure that justice is served.

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