Everything You Wished You Knew Before Calling an Agent

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I am interested by a home that I found online. Do I need the listing agent’s permission to view the property?

Many homebuyers now start their home search online. These sites also offer contact information for an agent to help with scheduling a home viewing.

The problem with listing sites is that they don’t always tell you this, and frequently neither does the agent. You may find yourself stuck with the agent if you go to view the home listing agents in Burleson.

The listing agent offered his services as my buyer’s representative. Is this a good idea.

This is bad for the home buyer as they won’t be able to have their interests protected during negotiations and inspections. Dual agency (where one agent represents both buyers and sellers) is an inherent conflict of interest. Due to this lack of protection, buyers were not protected by dual agency. This led to the necessity for exclusive buyers agents.

Am I obliged to work alongside a listing agent when they show me the home that I’d like to purchase?

Even if you don’t have a written contract with the listing agents, it will not be easy to switch agents or work exclusively with one. It violates both the code of ethics and the “procuring causes” issue.

“Procuring cause”, is essentially a matter of payment. Traditionally, the listing agent gets half of the commission while the buyer’s representative gets the other half. A home buyer can view a listing agent’s home and retain half of the commission normally paid to the buyer’s agency.

This leaves you, the home buyer, in a quandary. You want representation. The commission is being paid to someone who represents the interests and protection of the home seller.

I went to the listing agent’s home viewing, but I want a buyer’s agent. What can I do for you? ?

It’s best to find, interview, sign, and then sign an agreement, with a buyer agent you trust, before looking at homes with anyone else. There is still hope even after the damage is done.

The process of procuring cause is complicated and can have some grey areas. It is best to allow professionals to solve the problem. Your buyer’s agents may be able talk to the listing agent about the details of your case and create a solution for everyone.

What agent will best represent my interests when I am a homeowner?

Buyer agency was founded to protect home buyer’s interests. A listing agent representing the seller may have conflicts of interest. When negotiating, the seller may want the lowest sale price. The buyer, on the other hand, wants the highest possible. How can one person represent both these competing interests?

Exclusive buyers agents are the best choice for representing home buyers. An exclusive buyer agent is not allowed to list their own properties, eliminating any conflict of interests and providing maximum protection.

Is it better to start my home search or my agent search first?

Trustworthy agents are the best. They can help you search for a home and guide your through the process. It will save you any representation issues that might arise if you view a home with a different agent but decide to work with them.