How Do I Get Started With Jesus

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Romans 10:9 states that when you confess with your mouth that you believe in the Lord Jesus and be convinced with your whole heart God is the one who taken Him back to life and raised Him out of the grave and you are saved, you are saved. This is the best way to begin your journey by following Jesus as well. In John 3:16, it is said that God has so loved His World by giving His one and only Son, so that those who believe in Him is not to perish, and live for ever Covenant with Jesus.

In order to begin our journey with Jesus it is necessary to first be awed by the Scriptures stated about Him, then ask for forgiveness for our sins, and then request Him to enter our lives. If we do, we’ll be granted because it isn’t God’s will God for any one of us should die.

When we declare Jesus God of our lives, We become a new creation Old things have passed by, which means that every sin we have committed is completely erased and it’s like we never committed these things because Jesus’ blood cleansed us from every sin.

After we have made the confession that Jesus Christ is our Savior, the next step is to be baptismal by His name. In Acts 2:38, it is said that Peter told them to repent and let each person of them be immersed in name of Jesus Christ for the Remission of your sins. Then you will receive the blessing that is God’s Holy Spirit. Why are we Baptized and what is the function? Baptism is a sign of the Covenant Christians make with God. It’s an expression in front of people in the World that we are no longer part of the World but belong to God. It demonstrates the Death, Burial , and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Jesus Christ our Lord. Jesus Christ. The moment we are baptized, it means that our sins have been eliminated and we are raised to into a new creation.

At first, we might not be feeling any different, however Christians do not go by their feelings , they go by What God’s Word of God stated, We live by Faith.

Beginning your journey in the faith of Jesus is easy. All it requires is a repentance heart as well as the confession made through mouth. Salvation is a blessing we do not get through efforts, so all we need to do is accept the grace of God.

When we accept Jesus as our Lord , Jesus’ Holy Spirit will appear and dwell within us. His role is to help us remember God’s Word of God and to guide and guide us to every righteousness.

Jesus provides us with Power in the face of the enemy. The Bible says that no weapon made against us will succeed and each tongue that spits at us in a moment of judgement will declare it a sin. This is the power we hold over the Enemy when we’ve accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior of our life.

We all begin in Him untrained, but we learn with Him through studying His Word God to improve our skills as well. The Holy Spirit will guide us to comprehend the Scriptures of God.

Beginning with Jesus is simple but remaining with Him requires commitment, but it is worth it.

I am a License Practical Nurse. I’ve been in the profession for more than 25 years. I love being a mentor and helping others. My primary interests are writing and reading. I am a Wife, Mother and Grandmother. I am also the President of the Parent Teachers Organization. The President of the Parent Supporter Task Force and an active part of the Parent Leadership Institute.