How do I select a suitable wooden kennel for my large dog?

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There are so many models that it is not always easy to decide. However, some points should guide you in your choice.

Ideal dimensions

The size of your kit shelter must correspond to that of your animal. Too big, your dog’s habitat would let in too many drafts and not be warm enough. Too small, he would feel cramped and abandon it.

To do this, you can start by taking the measurements of his basket. It is also important to check that your four-legged friend will be able to easily enter their new home. Measure it at the withers (at the level of the “shoulders” of the front axle) and compare the result obtained with the height of the front door. It must not be smaller, otherwise it would be difficult to enter its lair.

Living in a big city means being limited in the space you have available. Thankfully, we have the perfect solution for your home’s newest furry addition. Our spacious indoor dog house will keep your pup warm and cozy when winter comes, and has room for plenty of playtime too!

Clever layouts

Once your dog has taken possession of his new den, it will no longer be so easy to introduce you to it, at least through the classic openings. Hatches and other removable roof parts will be more than welcome to make cleaning easy.

A well-insulated house

For it to offer good protection against the cold and bad weather, your doggie’s habitat must be made up of half-timbered pieces at least ten centimeters thick. The presence of feet also makes it possible to raise it from the ground, which limits the infiltration of humidity.

But the advantages offered by these elements would be useless without the presence of a roof, sloping to facilitate the flow of water, and if possible covered with an insulating coating. The shingle, a bitumen shingle fitted to most models, is, in this case, perfectly waterproof and ideal for this type of situation. It also protects against the sun and heat in summer.

Last precision: it is recommended to coat all the wooden parts with linseed oil once a year to prolong their lifespan.

What accessories are available that will allow me to perfect my canine paradise?

It is indeed possible to further improve the quality of life of your companion. Some of these accessories are essential.

For a good installation

A bowl is obviously mandatory in order to properly present his food to your dog. Plastic or galvanized metal, it depends on you. An automatic waterer will be just as useful and will give your animal more autonomy.

A rug, blanket or any other piece of fabric installed on the bottom of your playhouse is a great way to make it cozier. If it is well insulated, there is no risk of the fabric taking on water, which would be counterproductive.

This dog crate furniture is designed for indoor use. For cleanliness and hygiene, the puppy pen is equipped with a removable door mat. It has a washable liner, a hidden tray and is easy to assemble.

For more tranquility

Limit barking with a particularly well-suited system: anti-bark collars. Very simple to use, they offer almost immediate results.

If you are tired of seeing your pooch chasing all the neighborhood cats that pass through your garden, equip your animal with an anti-fugue collar, it will allow you to set limits to its territory without hindering its freedom of movement. .

Finally, last novelty, follow all the actions of your little protege by attaching a GPS for dogs to his collar.