Insurance for Your Church Missionaries

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Volunteering on a mission trip is an amazing experience for any Christian. It is designed to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Christian faith. Missionaries move beyond their home country to establish schools and churches in impoverished areas. Missionaries are successful in accomplishing their goals, which include converting people, saving the lives and improving quality of life for those they visit Church Insurance.

Many Christian missionaries have traveled to many countries around the globe. They travel to India and teach self-confidence and empowerment to women. They travel to Dominican Republic to help build a school. It also helps the economy, as they have more jobs for support staff and teachers. Sometimes churches send groups from their congregations to Haiti where they help rebuild their community. Through acts of service to the community, they share their faith and educate others about Christianity.

If you’re offered the chance to go on mission trips, be sure to be safe and ready for any eventualities. Here are some safety tips for mission trips.

* Get all required vaccinations. There are specific vaccines that you need to have depending on which country your are visiting. These vaccinations should be completed well in advanced of your trip as they can be required to be given several months apart. If you are going on a mission trip, it is important to get the necessary vaccinations from your church. These vaccinations protect you against illness, especially if working in a healthcare clinic or caring for sick people. Failure to receive these vaccines on time could result in you not being able travel.

* If you lead a mission trip for a church, or are a church official, you may want to purchase international group coverage if five or more members of your congregation will be involved. The individual’s insurance coverage might not cover them when they travel abroad depending on how well they are covered. International group insurance will provide coverage for all missionaries in any country other than their home country. No missionaries can be covered under the insurance policy if they’re citizens of the country they’re visiting.

* Never travel by yourself. It is easy to be a target of mischievous people in foreign countries where you don’t belong. Pickpocketers in crowded areas pay attention and consider their surroundings before picking the victim they think will be easiest to pickpocket. This is usually a foreigner. Be with your group and keep moving. Keep your purse secure if it’s a purse. Keep your wallet out of reach and in a hidden place. It can be hard to determine who is suspicious and who friendly. Always pay attention to people who approach you on the street.