Is Bribery the Right Way to Go? Apple Bribes Android Users to Switch to iPhone Using Gift Cards

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Information is spread these days that Apple has taken an extra measure to secure being a step ahead of its competitor. The eternal battle between the Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android is once again showing. Choosing Apple or Android operative system is basically a thing of religion! Everyone plays on different teams. It’s practically two opposite parties. So what does it take to change the mind of a person? Is a simple bribe enough to switch people from Android to Apple? Would you accept this bribe and change your Android smartphone to a brand new iPhone?

Although Android operative systems kind iPhone 7 plus price in Nigeria of have the bigger section of the smartphone market, Apple is the one who always tries to reach toward higher class and expensive gadgets. So, the question arises – Is Apple that desperate to practically pay people and bribe them in order to use their iPhones?

Apple stores have decided to start offering gift cards to customers who will in exchange trade in used smartphones, such as the ones that use Google’s operative system Android. This means that if you wished to switch from Android smartphone to Apple’s iPhone, this is the right time to do it, cause Apple is definitely giving you a lot of reasons to do that now! This gift card can be used as partial payment for your new iPhone, which basically means you are getting your new phone on discount.

These gift cards are given for trading-in not only Android, but also Blackberry smartphones, although the main focus was primarily towards Samsung’s smartphones which work on Android operative systems.

Before the launching of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, Apple was definitely going in the downward spiral. Its sales decreased and the focus of the general population turned towards Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. However, the two new launches of iPhone models (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus) have helped Apple get on top again and re-establish its dominant position in the market of smartphones.

As the popular Apple blog “9to5mac” reports, it’s expected that Apple retail stores soon begin to offer gift cards to all of the customers who will in exchange bring any kind of a used smartphone, including of course smartphones that use Google’s operative system Android… Well, especially if it’s an Android one!

This is not a completely new concept that we see from this company. Apple has already organized such trade-ins in the past, if you remember the Apple Reuse and Recycling Program that was launched in year 2013. That program was about letting all the current iPhone users trade their older version of iPhone for a newer one with a calculated discount. Well, this trade-in program is expected to be something similar to that one. The difference between the Reuse Recycling Program from 2013 and this new one that’s expected to happen soon is that the first one was organized mainly to allow people to upgrade to newer versions of the iPhone and promote these new models, but this new program sounds a bit more as a bribery.