Kitchen Cabinet Wood, Styles and Finishes – The Possibilities Are Almost Endless

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The Gloss White Kitchen area is perhaps the best in contemporary kitchen area layout. They give a very clean appearance that can look magnificent, if planned as well as fitted in properly. However, the choice of door that you make use of and also worktop that you fit will substantially affect the look, so do your homework when you pick your door and store.

The various types of Gloss White Kitchens?

Their are more than one kind of gloss surface for a kitchen door. One of the most typical ones on the market are (in order of lowest cost initially):.

1. Melamine (Additionally known as a High Pressure Laminate – HPL).

2. Plastic (PVC).

3. Acrylic.

4. High Gloss Lacquer.

Which is the very best? Well, as with many Door Refinishing points in life this depends on your budget plan and also assumptions. Generally the extra shiny the surface the greater the cost. Many doors on the marketplace are either Melamine or PVC.

Melamine is the most affordable expense kind of door and also because of this is the least glossy. PVC is possibly the most usual on the marketplace currently and has the major advantage of being able to ‘wrap’ around the door providing a smooth finish i.e the door does not need to be bordered.

If you desire a finish that is like glass then you require to choose either acrylic or lacquer.

Acrylic doors are essentially sheets of acrylic (in some cases referred to as Perspex) taken care of to an MDF door. This does give a coating like a piece of glass as well as does look magnificent. Naturally the price of these doors will be more than PVC, yet the coating is noticeably far better. One disadvantage of this type of door is that it has to be edged on all 4 sides. Lots of people do not mind (or perhaps notice!) yet if you are a perfectionist after that a lacquer door is possibly what you want.

Lacquered doors produce a finish that is close to glass, by paint MDF doors significantly in the same way that a car is painted: A colour undercoat finished with a lacquer to provide a deep gloss finish.


The typical choice is to fit black granite worktops, because of the basic nature of the contrast. Black & white works since you can present any various other colour with no clashing problems. Of course, this is not to state that any type of various other colours will not work, you just require to intend even more ahead with the style for the remainder of the kitchen.

With timber and also laminate finishes, present trends at the minute are to have a dark walnut or Wenge coating tops. With laminates bamboo style completed are coming to be more prominent too.

When it comes to Corian, the extremely dark colours are not advised for kitchens as they appear scratches fairly clearly, however the blended colours such as Burnt Amber are fine and the brand-new pastel tones of Corian would certainly look magnificent on a gloss white surface area.

Which one you pick is, certainly, as much as you.