Opening Tiger Street Football Vietnam: Curves and Man United

Within the framework of the event, there will also be the final match of the SCG Street Football 2018 Tournament with the theme Stars from the Streets with the participation of the 4 best street football teams from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi Capital. Noi. Meanwhile, the person who idolizes Spain’s tiki-taka playing style will search for people at the academies of La Liga teams. If this information is true, it can be said that the legacy of captain Que Ngoc Hai is the trigger to open the necessary change to recreate position competitiveness and from there, recreate the aspirations for each player. national team player. Regarding this emotional domination, we can hardly blame him. After all, it is still just a story of the coach’s own beliefs and emotions. Tien Linh is the main striker of the Vietnam team.

Since the first event was held in 2013, Tien Linh is nba比分 the second Vietnamese player on the nomination list from the organizing committee (Titan Sport – China). The second SCG Street Football 2018 was held starting in early September with qualifying rounds in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. A little good news earlier was that Man City won the English League Cup championship a few days ago to ease the situation. According to Goal, City Football Group is making great efforts to build influence in European football, and has been discussing with Nancy’s boss for many months. And that seems to be what Mr. Park wants to change when he realizes that the Vietnamese team is in dire need of a refresh. In addition, Truong Anh Ngoc was also chosen as a journalist representing Vietnam at the France Football Golden Ball election.

This is the first time since 1956 that the Golden Ball award has been canceled. Nguyen Tien Linh is a heavy name for the Vietnam Golden Ball race. Is Tien Linh strong enough to replace Anh Duc? Two years after striker Nguyen Anh Duc retired from the team, coach Park Hang-seo is still struggling with alternative options and tried to bring him back but failed. In the year-end rankings of 2021, the Vietnamese team ranked 98th in the world with 1,212.54 points. Tuan Hai brings competition to Vietnam’s offensive line. At the press conference on August 29, Mr. Dhep Vongvanich – Country Director of SCG Group in Vietnam and Chairman of SCG Vietnam THHH Company said: “The SCG Street Football 2018 tournament is expected to become a launching pad.” for young street players, helping them reach their dream of playing on a professional playground and even becoming future soccer stars. In addition, the tournament also wants to spread the joy of playing soccer to young people. Vietnamese youth, guiding young people to a healthy lifestyle”.

Coach Park has a lot of work to do so he can forget or make mistakes, but it’s very difficult for his entire assistant team to forget and make mistakes. In the latest move, he admitted that he could let the 2014 World Cup “top scorer” go. Fan Saw Aung Chit Paing from Myanmar wrote: “Congratulations Vietnam, you deserve to be in the World Cup. I hope in the future our Myanmar team can also do great things like you guys.” “. He has been invited to participate in the election since 2010 and is the only Vietnamese reporter to vote for this prestigious award. In Southeast Asia, in addition to Tien Linh, there is also Thai representative Theerathon Bunmathan, a defender who recently reached an agreement to join Buriram United. Next is the French team with the participation of 3 names: Center-back Raphael Varane, defender Lucas Hernandez and midfielder N’Golo Kante. Responding to Zing, journalist Truong Anh Ngoc commented that the era of dominance of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is about to pass to make way for the younger generation of players.