Paint Protection Film

Naturally, you want to keep it new and shining just like the day it left the showroom. Yes, car detailing services do help, but this is where paint protection films (PPF) step in. PPFs not only gives your car a glossy, shiny look but also adds a layer of self-healing protection for your car. But what’s the secret behind these films that give so much protection to your car? To get your answers, let’s go a little deeper into the making of paint protection films and know the professional installation process, benefits and more. ‍PPF installation is very difficult, time consuming, very intricate, and costly.

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Your car deserves the best protection to maintain its showroom-like appearance. Paint protection film acts as the armor your car needs, safeguarding its paint from scratches, chips, and other forms of damage. By investing in paint protection film, you not only preserve the beauty of your vehicle but also save money in the long run. With various types of film available and professional installation services, it has never been easier to keep your car looking brand new.

The Top Benefits of Paint Protection Film for Your Vehicle

Karlor’s vinyl wrap film stands as the most economical option among the listed products. Although it may not boast the same level of quality as XPEL, it offers a cost-effective alternative for budget-conscious buyers. That rock chip or door ding just vanishes several minutes after it happens. With self-healing paint protection film, that could actually happen.

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Just like how a helmet helps protect a rider’s head while riding a bike, paint protection film serves as a protective shield for the car’s surface against the harsh elements on the road. PPF works by creating an invisible barrier between your vehicle’s exterior painted surface and debris while remaining flexible enough for the film to mold itself around curves and bends. When an object hits the PPF’s surface, it absorbs the impact while minimizing damage to the underlying paint. Most PPFs are UV-resistant and have self-healing properties that make them easy to maintain. Wait to do any cleaning or maintenance on your paint protection film until at least 48 hours after application.

The Cost of Paint Protection Film

In the long run, this small investment keeps your car looking as good as new. You have the option between a high-gloss finish (XPEL Ultimate Plus) or a satin coating, which is called ‘XPEL Stealth’. Read more about Auto Lackschutzfolierung here. Please note that you will need to opt for a Full Car PPF if you want the Stealth finish, since this will avoid contrasting finishes between your vehicle’s paint and the film used. On average, PPF lasts around 5-7 years until you need to replace it.