Sealcoating Parking Lot is Beneficial

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Asphalt pavement is subject to cracks and pitting. If you neglect to seal coat your asphalt pavement, it can cause cracking and pitting that will reduce pavement service life.

While freezing temperatures in Florida are not an issue, they can affect asphalt pavement. Asphalt cracks can also occur from other environmental factors, including tree roots, vehicle traffic or gas, oil and sand. Parking lots that are well maintained, with regular sweeping and crack filling, pothole repairs, Sealcoating, and pothole repair, will outlast those areas that are left to their own devices against these elements.


Sealcoating comes with many benefits.

  • Sealcoating will reduce the need to repair asphalt.
  • Weatherize Sealcoating seals asphalt to prevent future weather damage.
  • Limit Oxidation: Sealcoating reduces asphalt’s oxidation.
  • Curb Appeal Sealcoating improves pavement appearance.
  • Resistant to Oil and Gas – Asphalt sealcoating resists oil, gas, or salt damage.

Ask the pros

Most commercial buildings entrust pavement contractors with the responsibility of maintaining their roads. They offer many services such as crack filing, resurfacing pothole repair and other types of asphalt repairs. Sealcoating is one the most important duties of paving contractors.

Proper and timely application of sealcoating, in conjunction crack filing and asphalt patch repair, can extend pavement’s life beyond the point at which the cost to benefit ratio for added pavement life exceeds that of the maintenance.

If properly installed, a high-quality sealcoating product can protect your parking lot’s asphalt against weather, fuel and oil. Cracks in asphalt that are not properly sealed or property sealed can cause cracks to form, which could lead to potholes. You should seal coat asphalt pavement every two to three years depending on your environment. Sealcoating asphalt pavement should be performed by professionals.

Sealcoating: Cost

It is not enough to base asphalt pavement sealing costs on square footage. There are many factors that will affect the cost of sealcoating, including how many coats you need, how large your area is, whether there are any potholes or cracks that need filling, how big they have to be repaired and how many handwork required. Ask your contractor to visit your commercial building to inspect and provide you with a free quote.