SMS Authentication Solutions Keeps SMS Messages Secretive

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Simpler way to preserve the authenticity and integrity of SMS messages and transactions

The use of SMS networks to transmit information has become a standard feature for mobile device users. Sending an SMS message can be cheaper than calling. An additional advantage of SMS messages are that the message can easily be seen and understood, rather than being listened to. Information sent by voice can sound unclear or garbled, which can lead to incorrect interpretations and repetitions. SMS messages are a good way to avoid this problem. There is always the chance that an SMS message might be lost due to insufficient strong signals. However, this is easily fixed by sending another SMS message until the message reaches the destination SMS OTP.

SMS authentication requirements

To ensure that SMS messages get to their destination, the sender and receiver must authenticate each other. These providers perform the authentication of mobile devices used to send and receive text messages.

* Token data for SMS messages- The SMS enabled device will receive One Time Passwords.

* Login procedures: The SMS-enabled devices will need to log in to the SMS services.

* SMS No Waiting – After being logged in, the user receives a password change. This is used to confirm further authentication.

* SMS Nowaiting Plus – This is for areas in which delivery of SMS messages is not reliable. The SMS message is sent to the user with five passcodes. These must be returned in order to verify authentication.

* Challenge Response-The user receives the OTP upon submission of the UserID and then logs in after sending the OTP back.

* Single sign-on – The user submits his/her Active Directory password and userID. The Active Directory password will be validated and an OTP sent to the user. To authenticate login, the user needs to send the OTP (and PIN) to Active Directory.

* Retention of audit records and report – Audit files are retained even if the user is deleted or revoked.

* Security can be improved – Instead using six-digit passwords security can be increased using passwords composed of letters, digits, and special characters.

Things to remember about authentication

There are a few things an organization should take into consideration when deciding to implement SMS authentication through a SMS Authentication Solutions provider. These are some of the things to be aware of:

* Is the implementation process easy for the End users?

* Does this solution support the existing and other smartphones?

* Does the solution work with existing networks or any new ones?

* Can the solution be remotely deployed?

* Is this a solution that is easy to achieve?

* Does the solution allow authentication to be managed in a heterogeneous environment

* Does the solution offer sufficient security?

* Is the authentication provided through the solution strong?

* Does this solution fit in the comprehensive category of security frameworks?

* Can the Cost of Ownership be Reduced after Implementation of the Solution?

SMS Authentication – Benefits

Every organization has the primary goal of increasing productivity. This is only possible when the staff’s productivity and that of the end user are at their best. The maximization and use of productivity should not be sacrificed for security. Web Application Security Solutions is a great way to increase productivity.