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The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘research’ as the systematic study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. While the study of a phenomenon from a spiritual viewpoint is just as systematic, it is not in the same dimension as research carried out in modern sciences.

Spiritual research is researching the spiritual Research Problem dimension or spiritual realm with the help of an advanced sixth sense (ESP). The spiritual realm is that which cannot be perceived through our five senses, mind and intellect. It includes the world of heaven, hell, angels, spirits, auras, ghosts etc.

Spiritual Research is related mainly to what is known as the 4th and 5th dimension. Time is the 4th dimension and invisible space is the 5th dimension.

Spiritual research about the fourth dimension is research about previous lives to find out the events or deeds at that time which now contribute to positive or negative events in this life. For example, ‘Spiritual research into the previous lives of Bill Gates’ unveiled that he had done a lot of spiritual practice in his previous lives that has contributed to his attaining wealth and attitude of philanthropy in this life. Spiritual research about the fifth dimension is research extending into the subtle positive and negative regions of the universe to find the root causes of problems in our lives.

Spiritual research can also be conducted in the first three dimensions in order to aid modern sciences in finding the root cause of various problems.

The aim and objective of the spiritual research

The spiritual dimension can be the cause of up to 80% of our problems in life. This is a statistic that has been substantiated in the 20 years of research in the spiritual dimension and study of the contributing factors for problems in life by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF). What it means for us is that if we are not taking into account the spiritual dimension in finding the root cause of our problems and issues in life, we are potentially missing out on 80% of the story.