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Having great photos is important when you are a new model, but you have to be able to put those photos into a viewable and easy to use portfolio so that you can show them off. A jumbled mess of photos will not do you much good. A real model has a professional looking and well put together portfolio.

The Point of a Portfolio
A portfolio is basically a binder that Jane Rubin you can easily insert your photos into. The photos are contained in plastic sleeves that can be easily taken out or put into the portfolio. The whole idea of a portfolio is to arrange your photos so they can be easily looked at and handled without causing any damage to them. By using a portfolio you can keep your photos looking great and easily show them off to potential clients.

Portfolio Types
There are different types of portfolio designs that you can use. They range from simple to more extravagant. You should not have trouble using a simple portfolio, but in some markets it can help to use the type of portfolio that is common in that market.

In New York the most common portfolio is the agency portfolio that each of the larger agencies use. These have the agency logo on the front and are a clean design. They are easy to set up and flipped through just as you would a regular book. They have a stylish and professional image.

This is the general design that you should try to find in a portfolio case. You want the same qualities of professionalism, easy to use, durable and a standard size.

Portfolio Characteristics
For a professional appearance you really want your portfolio case to be simple. Avoid anything flashy or too designed. Remember that it is your photos that should catch attention not the cover of your portfolio.

You want your portfolio to be easy to flip through with no issues. It should contain one photo per page and not have photos sliding all over the place. It is important that everything is clean and organized.

Your portfolio has to be durable. Do not go for the cheapest cover. You want something that can be handled over and over without falling apart. If your portfolio shows signs of wear then get a new one immediately.

Size is important. Do not think bigger is better. Think a standard size – like the size of a piece of paper – 8×12 or somewhere close. You will of course need to ensure that your photos will fit nicely within the pages of your portfolio. Remember that you don’t want them sliding around and you don’t want photo hanging outside the portfolio pages.

Your portfolio is like your resume. It needs to project an image of you that is favorable. You should always think simple and neat. You do not want to make your portfolio something that distracts form your skills as a model. Like a resume, your portfolio should sell you. So, keep all this in mind when you are putting your portfolio together.