The Best Place to injectable steroids Inject Steroids

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This article will help you figure out the best place to inject steroids, along with some other information that you should take very seriously. A lot of people fear needles and try injectable steroids to avoid injectable steroids, but it is the best way to take them due to the fact that injecting it to a large muscle group makes it so that less toxins are directed through the liver. Also, people tend to not forget about taking their dose because they know they have to inject themselves whereas a pill is easy to forget to take.

You should NEVER inject any oil based steroids into your veins as it can be extremely harmful.

The best place to inject steroids is in your Gluteus Medius — Meaning the top right side of your right buttock!

(Or vice versa, the top left of the left buttock). You’ll want to inject it nice and slowly, so that the liquid doesn’t shoot back out. Take it slow. It should be deep and direct as well. This area is thick enough to be able to withstand the prick and there are fewer nerves in the area.

Try to avoid hitting your sciatic nerve in your lower spine area. This can be very painful and cause temporary paralysis, but nothing permanent. The feeling returns shortly and you’ll be fine, it’s no emergency so you don’t have to freak out. Just try to stay further to the right and a little lower, that’s all. It’s really a lot easier than it seems.

Now that you know where the best place to inject steroids is, you should make sure you always use clean, fresh and brand NEW needles. Sharing needles can result in blood borne diseases such as HIV and hepatitis. If you stay safe and stay within your recommended dose, you should be fine. Just be smart about it.