What are the Benefits Of UK Citizenship By Investment

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If you really want to reside in the UK You must have started looking into the possibilities to reach this dream. Experts in immigration say investing is the most effective method to achieve this. In this respect applicants may make an application to either the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa or the Tier 1 investment visa options per country.

The nationals of nations that are not part of those of the European Economic Area and Switzerland can apply for the two visas. If granted the visa allows you to remain in the country for three years. It is possible to extend your stay following the initial time period of three years for an additional two years. After you’ve stayed 5 consecutive years in United Kingdom, you can apply in the form of Indefinite Stay to Remain (ILR) (or permanent resident).

There are many advantages of UK citizenship through investment and we’ve discussed some of them below.

Financial Thresholds

It is important to note that the Tier 1 Entrepreneur and Investor Visas have distinct financial thresholds. In order to qualify for the Entrepreneur Visa, the applicant has access to investment funds of PS200,000. There is however the option of PS50k. This is a good option due to the investment being lower. Additionally the option of creating an entrepreneurial team consisting of two applicants. The applicants are able to arrange the investment funds to be financed by each contributing PS100,000.

The Investor Visa is designed for people with high net worth. It needs at least PS1,000,000 of available funds for investing in UK companies. If the funds are loaned the loan will have an additional requirement of PS2,000,000 of personal assets. The benefit of this procedure is that it allows you to get the fastest route to UK citizenship. Based on the amount invested the waiting time for permanent settlement is decreased. If the investor invests PS5million and receives permanent settlement in 3 years. If the amount invested exceeds PS10 millions, then the person is able to submit an application for UK citizenship in just two years.

No job offer is needed

The Tier 1 Entreprenuer and Investor visas permit the applicant or immigrant start a new company inside the United Kingdom or invest in an existing one. If you are planning to move to any country in search of employment it is necessary to obtain a work permit from the company sponsor. The UK citizenship through investment scheme eliminates the requirement to provide an offer of employment , and makes it easier to go about seeking permanent settlement over the long-term.

Easy Qualification

In addition to the investment requirements and the investment criteria, there’s a lot to consider in determining if you are eligible to be eligible for the Tier-1 investor visa as well as the entrepreneurs visa. The applicant must to prove his English proficiency, demonstrate his capacity to sustain his stay in the UK and undergo a health test to determine if there is a possibility of any serious health issue. It is a age limit as well. This is all, except that the health exam to be waived to get investors.

Permission to take the family Along

When making an application for personal visa applicants can also apply for visas for his dependents, spouse and children under 18 years old. Dependants are automatically included into the Investor visa program. In reality, they have access to healthcare, education, and work opportunities like every else British citizen.

More Absentee days

If you are looking to be eligible to be eligible for UK citizenship through investing, your absence period must not exceed 450 days in the five year period. The minimum is 90 days during the 12 months prior to the request for citizenship. The absence time is adequate enough for any person who needs to run a business in multiple nations.