Why I Don’t Eat Dairy Products

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Here are the motives why I do now not… And why you as a type 2 diabetic have to now not… Eat any dairy products:


All dairy merchandise… Milk, cream, yoghurt, cheese, butter and so forth… Are crafted from milk and maximum of them are high in fats.

Milk is frequently water. This makes measuring the quantity of fats (or different substances) in milk by means of weight meaningless. Nutritionists choose to measure the fats in liquids with the aid of measuring the energy you get from fats as a percentage of the overall energy you get from a selected food together with milk.

The calories you get from fat in cow’s milk are… Entire milk, approximately 49%… Decreased (2%) milk, approximately 35%… Low-fats (1%) milk, approximately 20% of energy from fat.

For skim milk, of path, you must get no energy dairy products bulk from fats. But in fact it is impossible to make the milk completely fat loose and also you do get less than five% of energy from fats with skim milk.

The percentage of energy that come from fats is unaffected by way of the water content material of the milk. As you could see, even low-fat milk incorporates a number of fats.

Many other dairy merchandise are loaded with fat. If you devour yoghurt, about 47% of calories come from fat. With cheese, as much as 70% of calories come from fats depending on the form of cheese. As for bitter cream, nearly 90% of calories come from fats… 87% for the decreased-fats model!

Butter is hardly any better. Commercial butter includes as much as eighty two% fat, sixteen% or so water, and up to 2% curd, ie milk solids aside from fat. This butter may also comprise up to 2% salt, another no-no when you have blood pressure issues (which can be twice as not unusual in diabetics as non-diabetics).

As a diabetic, your exceptional plan is to give up all dairy products due to the fact, apart from skim milk or different dairy products from which fat has been removed, dairy-primarily based foodstuffs will block the receptors to your muscle cells, the maximum in all likelihood cause of your kind 2 diabetes as I defined in a previous article, and make it very hard to beat your diabetes.


Most of the fats in milk and dairy products is saturated fat, the type that increases levels of cholesterol and usayour insulin resistance.

If you are trying to manipulate your cholesterol the first factor you have to do is do away with (or at the least seriously limit) the ldl cholesterol you ingest for your meals. Doing this would be impossible in case you drink or consume dairy products, even if you restrict your self to the ‘low-fat’ sorts.

For example, 100g of complete-fats bitter cream contains 52mg of ldl cholesterol. Even fats-loose sour cream has 9mg of ldl cholesterol in 100g, nearly as tons as complete cows milk (10mg in step with 100g, ie, best about 1/3rd of a cup). A 100g of undeniable yoghurt crafted from entire milk will supply 13mg of ldl cholesterol.

Besides ‘fats-loose’ bitter cream, different non-fat dairy products incorporate a few cholesterol. Skim milk has approximately 2mg in step with 100g, as does undeniable yoghurt made from the identical kind of milk.

If you have kind 2 diabetes there is an eighty five% risk which you also have ldl cholesterol troubles. When you don’t forget the dire effects of clogged arteries, the want to surrender dairy products will become obvious.


The sort of sugar you get in milk is lactose. This dairy sugar occurs inside the milk of mammals, and is the main nutrient in skim milk after the fat has been taken out.

Most dairy merchandise incorporate carbohydrates within the shape of lactose. Even excessive-fat cheeses and heavy lotions incorporate a touch. Only one dairy product… Butter… Is totally sugar loose.

It is going with out say that, if you are a kind 2 diabetic, you do now not want to take in more sugar than genuinely important. Drinking animal milk and dairy merchandise honestly will not assist you minimise your consumption.

All cows’ milk, fats-free or no longer, consists of about five% sugar by way of weight. However the share of calories derived from carbohydrates runs from just underneath 30% for complete milk to fifty four% for skim milk. The figures for undeniable yoghurt are more or much less the same.

Sour cream is the killer. When it’s far made from complete milk it consists of eight% carbohydrates but much less than 6% of the calories come from carbohydrates. However, fat-free bitter cream incorporates sixteen% carbohydrates which deliver eighty three% of its energy.

Casein, the milk protein

Milk consists of all the important amino acids. An essential amino acid is an amino acid that can not be synthesized by means of your frame from other nutrients and must consequently be furnished within the diet.

The most important protein in cows’ milk is casein (eighty%), the milk or dairy protein. Casein can harm your health in numerous considerable approaches.

Dairy protein, like several animal protein, speeds up the sluggish loss of kidney characteristic which can occur with diabetes, at the same time as protein received from plants does not have this effect. As a long way as I can tell, that is acquired opinion among medical scientists and nutritionists.

Casein has, further, been linked to problems, which include migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, and prostrate and ovarian cancers, which do now not appear to occur with different animal proteins.

People who suffer from migraines and persons who’ve rheumatoid arthritis often enjoy enhancements after they keep away from milk and other dairy merchandise. According to the reports I actually have examine the hassle for these human beings seems to be the proteins, no longer the lactose or fat, in dairy products.

By experimenting on animals, researchers have shown that there’s a regular correlation among the increase of cancers and the quantity of casein in a eating regimen. Indeed, statistics show that men who drink milk have a notably higher danger of prostate most cancers than non-milk drinkers. In addition, a few studies (but no longer all) show that girls who drink milk have a higher chance of ovarian most cancers than non-drinkers.

Casein has a huge sort of makes use of. It is a major factor in cheese. It is used as a food additive in, as an instance, non-dairy creamers and soy cheeses. In addition, casein is processed into food supplements, along with calcium caseinate, which are used to enrich foodstuffs with amino-acids, enhance other nutritional capabilities, enhance their flavor and odor, and increase their shelf life.